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Entrance Hymn (select one):  Be Not Afraid,   Amazing Grace,     O God Our Help in Ages Past,    Holy God, We Praise Thy Name, For All the Saints, I know that My Redeemer Lives [hymntune], Io Credo Resurgero, Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong to Save), Lift High the Cross, Te Deum [Latin chant], Resuscito, Here I Am, Lord; On Eagle's Wings 

Responsorial Psalm: [NOTE: GENERAL INSTRUCTION TO THE ROMAN MISSAL #61 - THE PSALMS MUST BE MUSICAL SETTINGS OF THE PSALMS FROM THE LECTIONARY, NOT PSALM PARAPHRASES - SO FOR EXAMPLE "ON EAGLES WINGS" WOULD BE APPROPRIATE AT COMMUNION TIME, BUT NOT AS A RESPONSORIAL PSALM]  The Lord is My Shepherd (23/22), The Lord is My Light and My Salvation (27/26), In You O Lord I Have Found My Peace (131/130),  I Will Walk in the Presence of the Lord (116/115), Out of the Depths I Cry to You O Lord (130/129), The Lord is Kind and Merciful (103/102) El Senor Es Mi Pastor, Il Signore e il Mio Pastore (all of above available also in Spanish or Italian)

Presentation of Gifts (select one):   Ave Maria [Schubert, Bach, Cassini/Bocelli, Tosti, Saint-Saens],    In The Garden,   The King of Love, My Shepherd Is,   Ave Maria - Schubert, Ave Maria - Bach-Gonoud, Precious Lord Take My Hand, 

Mass Settings:  Mass of St. Francis, Latin Chant, Italian Mass, Spanish Mass

Communion Hymn:   Panis Angelicus,    Blest Are They,    I Know that My Redeemer Liveth (Handel - Messiah - Soprano),  I Know That My Redeemer Lives,    Jesus,Remember Me;    Blessed Assurance,  I Am the Bread of Life, On Eagles Wings,  Shepherd Me O God, As the Deer Longs, The Lord Is My Light, All I Ask of You, Prayer of St. Francis, Taste and See, You are Mine, We Remember, Be With Me Lord, Pie Jesu [Faure or Durufle], The Trumpet Shall Sound (Handel - Messiah - Baritone), Quando Bussero, Io Credo Resurgero

Song of Farewell (select one):   In Paradisum,   May the Angels, Com to His/Her Aid, How Great Thou Art (vs.3)

Recessional Hymn (select one):     Song of Farewell,  I Know that My Redeemer Lives,  On Eagles Wings,  Precious Lord Take My Hand, How Great Thou Art,   For All the Saints,    Be Not Afraid,  Nearer My God To Thee, Battle Hymn of the Republic, In the Garden

* Italian, German, French and Spanish music selections may be requested in advance.*

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Funeral Music Instructions
Although we welcome song selections from the family, requests will be carried through at the discretion of our music director for liturgical appropriateness. Thank you for understanding. Funeral Request – Saint Benedict/San Benito, East Somerville PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN YOUR CORRESPONDENCE:  FUNERAL HOME, DECEASED,  DATE AND TIME OF WAKE AND FUNERAL, and MUSIC SELECTIONS AS LISTED BELOW. Music selections REVISED 10/2014 According to Liturgical Guidelines: GENERAL INSTRUCTION TO THE ROMAN MISSAL [G.I.R.M.] (eff. Advent I, 2003), and “SING TO THE LORD”, USCCB 2008 * English, Spanish, Italian, German, French music selections may be requested in advance, /  También se puede seleccionar todas las selecciones españolas de toda la música BEFORE/AS CLERGY PROCESS TO CASKET: The Order of Christian Funerals (#127) suggests that a psalm be sung as the funeral procession goes from the vigil to the church. If this is not possible, the psalm may be sung after the procession. The Order suggests Psalm 122. Accordingly, when I see the funeral party starting to gather in the vestibule, the cantor can sing this psalm, usually some version of "I rejoiced when they said to me, let us go up to the house of Jerusalem." This helps quiet a perhaps restive congregation, and signals the clergy that they can begin to process from the sacristy to greet the funeral party. It might seem at first thought a curious text to use, to bring the deceased to church. The psalm was used at first by pilgrims as they approached the Temple in Jerusalem, and is full of anticipation. But consider further: the Christian is approaching journey's end, the new Temple where God is worshiped in truth. And from the church, In Paradisum, into paradise, the New Jerusalem. CELEBRAMOS PARISH MISSALETTE: ENGLISH P. 198, ESPANOL P. 199  ENTRANCE CHANT/ ENTRADA: ________O God Our Help in Ages  Past[St. Anne],  ____________ Holy God, We Praise Thy Name [TeDeum},  __________For All The Saints________I Know that My Redeemer Lives [HYMN] ________ Io Credo, Resurgero’ ’ _______Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong to Save) ________ I Have Loved You _____________ __________________Lift High the Cross ________Te Deum [ Latin Chant]____________”Resuscito” Spanish _______________Be Not Afraid,___________   Amazing Grace,__________ I call You to My Father’s House (set  to Amazing Grace)  ”Responsorial Psalm”/ “SALMO RESPONSORIAL” SUNG RESPONSE TO THE READING/: [–N.B. *** the G.I.R.M. requires the actual lectionary texts of the psalms, not song-paraphrases, and ‘chant’, not a song, thus songs such as “On Eagle’s Wings” or ‘Shepherd Me, Oh God” are perfect for Communion, but NOT the psalm, since they are not the actual scripture of the Lectionary: GIRM # 61:The Responsorial Psalm should correspond to each reading and should usually be taken from the Lectionary..... Instead of the Psalm assigned in the Lectionary, there may be sung either the Responsorial Gradual from the Graduale Romanum, or the Responsorial Psalm or the Alleluia Psalm from the Graduale Simplex, as described in these books.] ________The Lord is My Shepherd [ps. 23(22), Funeral Rite – Celebramos, p. 198/accomp. A106], or Ps. 27(26) “The Lord is My Light and My Salvation”, or Ps. 103(102) The Lord is Kind and Merciful “In You, O Lord, I have found my peace” Ps 131(130), Ps. 117(116) “I Will Walk in the Presence of the Lord” Ps. 130(129)”Out of the Depths, I Cry to You, O Lord”, other appropriate psalm chant setting _______________SPANISH [el señor es mi pastor] ITALIAN - [Il Signore e il mio Pastore _________Other  OFFERTORY /OFERTORIO( solo, Marian song, organ meditation, choir piece): __________________________In The Garden, _________Ave Maria-Schubert _________, _________ J’irai la voir un jour,_________________The King of Love, My Shepherd Is, _______________________   I Have Loved You___________________Ave Maria-Bach ________Other ________Ave Maria-Cassini/Andrea Bocelli _________ITALIAN – Ave Maria – Tosti [Naples] _________Ave Maria – Saint-Saens  MASS PARTS/ORDINARIO DE LA MISA / SETTINGS [for the “Ordinary”: Holy, Holy, Save Us, Savior, Great Amen – for the Lamb of God, traditionally at this parish we sing the Latin Chant ‘Agnus Dei’] _________HAUGEN – Mass of Creation ____________Other [specify] _______________________ (also, _________LATIN CHANT MASS _________ITALIAN MASS____________SPANISH MASS)  COMMUNION/ COMUNIÓN CHANT OR VOCAL SOLO: ___________On Eagles Wings_____________ Psalm 23—“Shepherd Me, O God” __________ Ps. 42/43 As Deer Longs (any version) ___________ Psalm 27 (C. Walker) - The The Lord Is My Light ____________________ [SOLO]Panis Angelicus (Franck) _______________Blest Are They,    I Know that My  Redeemer Liveth (Solo/Messiah),______________    I Know That My Redeemer Lives (hymn),     __________________Remember Me, ___________________ Blessed Assurance________ I Am the Bread of Life [‘And I Will Raise Him Up’]_____________ All I Ask of You ________Prayer of St. Francis ________Taste and See _________________You Are Mine ___________ ___________ We Remember ___________ Be With Me Lord (Haugen) _________[SOLO]Pie Jesu [Faure’] (Other: ___________ [SOLO]Pie Jesu [ Durufle’] ___________ The Trumpet Shall Sound (Handel Messiah) Other________ITALIAN: QUANDO BUSSERO’ ________IO CREDO, RESURGERO’ )  INCENSING/ INCIENSO/ ‘CHANT/SONG OF FAREWELL ‘”: ____________________Come to his/her Aid (tune: Old 100th) ________________MAY THE ANGELS’ (various versions) *** __________In Paradisum [Latin Chant] _________ Receive His/Her Soul Saints of God (abridged for time of incensing) [from the Funeral Missalette ] OR: ___________3rd Verse, How Great Thou Art  FINAL/ SALIDA PROCESSION TO THE PLACE OF COMMITAL (exiting church) ** : ______________May the Angels (if not sung earlier) ____________Celtic Song of Farewell  _________ How Great Thou Art __________ I Know That My Redeemer Lives ______________ On Eagles Wings _____________ How Great Thou Art ________________We Will Rise Again Hass)  ________________ Precious Lord, Take My Hand ________________For All the Saints _______________(French) ‘Au Ciel – J’irai la voir un jour_____________ In the Garden __________ Any Song to Mary – Ave Maria, Etc. _________Irish Blessing (May the Road Rise) _____________ Fly Like a Bird _____________________ Hail Mary, Gentle Woman ___________ Battle Hymn of the Republic________________ Nearer My God, To Thee **Note: a recessional hymn is not a part of the funeral rite, so it not required or suggested. But a song may be sung after the rite, or people can go out to silence or an instrumental exit appropriate to the occasion.

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