Sunday Catechesis:

Sunday Catechesis Registration - takes place at the parish in early September ( not through this website)

Welcome to St. Benedict's Parish Catechesis (Religious Education) for adults and children!  Classes are held from September to May. Registrations take place in early September. Please refer to the parish bulleting for the location and times. For new parishoners and late registrations, please call the rectory for registration information.


The cost for Catechesis is $30/child.   

Our Schedule:  Catechesis is 10:00 AM to 11:20 AM Sundays in the School for both English and Spanish. The School is located at 17 Franklin St.  

                    Confirmation is held at the same time as the othe Catechesis classes in the School located at 17 Franklin St (for both Spanish and English schedules) on Sundays.  

                    RCIA participants need to contact the Parish Administrator at the rectory (617-625-0029) to register.  






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